At Mossy Oak Properties of Alaska, we will use all the tools available to us to sell your business all while maintaining your confidentiality and minimizing business interruption.  We want to create a great working relationship that is both beneficial to you, the seller, and Mossy Oak Properties of Alaska.

Here’s a general overview of our process –

  • Discrete Listing – One of the most significant things we do is discrete listing and marketing.   The listing does not show specific location, business name; we only list very general financial information and, unless the seller wants it, we do not list on the MLS service.  This preserves the confidentiality of the business to employees, clients and competitors. All inquiries about a specific listing are required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to us furnishing any detailed information.  Additionally, we attempt to qualify the potential prospect for financial capabilities to purchase the said business as well as their business knowledge to operate the same.  This eliminates lots of tire kickers but leaves us with a prospect that we can actually affect a sale.
  • Analyze & Prepare the Business – We understand what buyers want to see in a business and we can work with you to get your business in position to be sold for the best price and in the shortest time frame.
  • Generate Value Estimates & Deal Structures – The right deal is different for everybody and every business. In conjunction with delivering our professional opinion of value, we can present different deal structures for you to consider.
  • Develop Your Marketing Assets – We will create a compelling business profile, take pictures of your business and additional collateral designed to stimulate the interest of buyers.
  • Launch Your Confidential Internet Promotion – For certain businesses, an internet marketing/promotions/strategy is a must. In addition to listing your business on the Mossy Oak Properties of Alaska website, we’ll place your business advertisement with industry leading websites that buyers go to. Buyers are online, and we make sure they can find information about your business. This is a business only site we use and receive over 1,000,000 hits a year. Click here to see our business for sale website partner: MOP Businesses for Sale.  Also, the Mossy Oak Properties worldwide site received 200M hits in 2015 and up 15% for 2016 so far.  Visit our corporate website here:
  • Execute Off-Line Marketing Strategies – With our Mossy Oak network, our contact with potential buyers extends from your backyard to around the globe. As part of the overall marketing plan we craft with you, we’ll explore how to tap our databases of appropriate individual buyers.
  • Respond To & Screen Buyers – Our marketing program is designed to generate buyer inquiries, which we will follow up with, and screen. We’ll take that pool and narrow it down to those who appear to be serious, have the financial capacity to perform, and the best candidates.
  • Manage Buyers and Evaluate Offers – Our process is designed to solicit the best offers, from the best buyers. Working with you we will help evaluate each offer.
  • Expedite Due Diligence – Once an offer is accepted and finalized, we will help coordinate the due diligence process, we will work with accountants, attorneys, and lenders to keep the process focused and efficient.
  • Prep Documents & Close – With an offer in hand, we’ll assist you with the exchange of information with any accountants, attorneys and lenders, including closing documents and logistics, to facilitate a smooth transition.

Mossy Oak Properties, a Growth Company –

Alaska offers a great potential for not only land & recreational properties but unique lodges & business opportunities exposed to millions of Mossy Oak contacts.

Since 1986 outdoorsmen have leveraged Mossy Oak (MO) brand camouflage to get closer to their game without being detected. Now the brand is doing it to put the spotlight on their brokers and agents to elevate their real estate game.

In our business of listing and selling, the name of the game is getting to common ground as quickly as possible. By utilizing everything the Mossy Oak Properties (MOP) and Mossy Oak brand(s) have to offer, common ground is common place. The MOP brand will bring your business instant credibility and help maximize our efforts in getting your business sold.


The Network: 

Specializing in land for investment and recreation, the Mossy Oak Properties Network is the largest real estate network of its kind in the country. With over 90 offices and 500 network associates in 28 states the Mossy Oak Properties network offers buyers and sellers qualified brokers who understand the ins and outs of buying recreational as well as residential properties and are committed to providing the highest level of old fashioned service and honest dealings.

Mossy Oak Properties of the Alaska is a “network within a network” that is rapidly expanding across the entire state. MOPAK currently has three offices open. Because of the unlimited opportunity within the MOPAK network, now is the time to seize the moment.

We invite you to personally connect with Mossy Oak Properties of Alaska for a full presentation on our business seller services.

  • Brad Baker, (907) 301-3101
  • Tom Lucas, (907) 598-4000
  • Kathy Chircop, (907) 398-4033

The best people, the best process, the best marketing…all at work for you.